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What is Float Therapy?
Floatation tanks are a light and sound-free environment…

float pod

Containing twelve inches of water with 550kg of Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulphate) dissolved inside.
The water is heated to skin temperature, so that once you are settled in the tank, the sensation of water on your skin will slowly fade away.

It will be as though the outside world have quietly faded away, leaving you in your own space for relaxation.

The buoyancy created by the dense Epsom-salt solution effectively removes the feeling of gravity on the body, bringing you close to an experience of total weightlessness.

This gives you the perfect environment to allow your physical body to release the daily strain on your body. With ear plugs in, and the tank’s interior lights off, the quietness and darkness allows the mind to drift into the deepest state of relaxation possible.

Benefits of Floating

Your body absorbs an abundance of healthy minerals such as magnesium and sulphates through the skin. Both minerals are available in Epsom salt. One hour our float pod or pool will allow you to supplement your body’s requirement of magnesium.

Floating reduces stress on the back, hips and joints. This is also beneficial to people with very sore muscles.

Magnesium is a natural sedative, it will help relieve muscle aches, back pain, migraines, insomnia and much more.

Promotes total mental and physical calmness.

Improves blood circulation and the distribution of oxygen and nutrients.

Reduces blood pressure and heart rate, giving the body a natural way to release stress.

Release of endorphins

Reaching a restful state in the zero-gravity environment in a floatation tank, the brain would begin a fascinating process. Endorphins are released by the brain as you float in the tank. These are powerful natural pain relievers and mood enhancers that promote a sense of well-being. It will also further enhance the healing benefits and sensation of relaxation created by the zero gravity environment.


Meditative State of Relaxation:
Aside from endorphins released by the brain, your brainwaves will also shift into a theta state. Theta brainwaves are a rare brain state, normally achievable by people trained extensively in meditation. Floating can be considered as a short cut to achieving the deepest state of mind, and well being.

Types of Float

Float Pod

Get the full float experience by booking one of our Float pods. Our pods will give the full zero gravity, sensory deprivation experience. Enabling your mind to shut off in deep relaxation. Our VMAX pod is large enough for two, great for couples or for those who love the extra room.

Float Pool

The pool will provide the same benefits of the pod however caters for those who may feel a little anxious getting into a pod. The open float pool is large enough for two and can be enjoyed by couples. The atmosphere provided by the pool is more open.
Whether you choose to float in a pool or a pod, each one provides a unique wellness experience and can both be enjoyed.


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Research of experts and clinical studies show clients may experience relief from muscle pain and soreness after cryotherapy sessions. This makes cryotherapy a more effective alternative recovery method than the old applications such as ice packs or ice bath immersion. Cryotherapy sessions can relieve muscle pain, rheumatic spasm, swelling, and joint stiffness.


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A floatation tank is a lightless, soundless tank filled with highly concentrated Epsom salt water heated to skin temperature. Floatation, also known as sensory deprivation, is simply the act of relaxing in a floatation tank; with all sights and sounds removed, and drifting into a meditative state that rejuvenates your mind and body.


Research has shown that massage can lower the body’s production of the stress hormone cortisol; decrease levels of the hormone arginine-vasopressin, which may lower blood pressure; reduce levels of some inflammatory cytokines and increase production of the mood-boosting hormone serotonin.

HOT + COLD Magnesium Spas

The key to contrast bath therapy is in the rapid changes produced in your circulatory system when you go from very warm water to very cold water. When you submerge part or all of your body in cold water, small blood vessels called capillaries respond to the cold by getting smaller. This is known as vasoconstriction. When you immerse yourself in warm water, the opposite happens. Your blood vessels open up. This is known as vasodilation.


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